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13 Mar

Strategies for a Successful Online Marketing Campaign – DIGI Eleven

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Online Marketing Campaign Strategy

Every online marketing campaign aims to boost your revenues and transform your business. For a successful online marketing campaign, one is required to execute the right strategy and goal setting. The process requires a series of right action that helps you achieve your desired business results.


Starting an Online Campaign


Target Audience

Online campaigns need a bit of research and strong learning of your target audience. The base of any online campaign is knowing who are your solid and perfect customers. Identify, if your target audience is local, regional, national or international. Consider age, gender, lifestyle, location, income groups, education, occupation, interest to make sure you are reaching out to the right audience. One can set up web-based surveys on the website if you are getting a fair bit of traffic or you can use Google Analytics to track and analyze various site engagement statistics.

Understand your ideal customers, what are their needs, online habits and buying behavior.


Right Channels to find Audience

Once you figure out your ideal customers, find out how and where to find your audience. You really need to know what channel would really take your customers attention, if it is Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube), Google (search Ads or display ads), Email Marketing (Gmail) or Mobile Marketing. Each channel plays a different role in targeting the audience.

Finalize what would be the right medium to start your campaign reach out to your potential customers.



Ideally, it should be the first step of your campaign. However, it can only be done once you conclude your target and medium to reach out them. Finalize how much can you really spend on the campaign and prioritize your ads in terms of where you will get more exposure and results.

If you engage in PPC ads, try to monitor your results every day, keep modifying your bid by looking at the conversion patterns. Increase or decrease your bid depending on the results.


Create Your Ad Content/ Landing Page

Use powerful headlines with high-quality content to grab attention. Plan with right keywords, categories, and tags. Give the audience an offer they can’t refuse. With exciting graphics and visual talk more about the benefits of your products/ services. Try to show What makes you different? Unique? What do you have that no one else does?

Prepend a focused and free of distractions Ad page/ Landing page. Must have a CTA (call-to-action) button and contact form. One can add testimonials to build up trust as countless people rely on online reviews when shopping with new brands. This encourages potential customers to give you a try.


Monitor your Ad

Tracking and taking the necessary steps is the most important and critical part for the success of your marketing campaign. Constant adjustments are required for Ad optimization. Look for the trends and patterns that are performing well and if something is not working replace it or take the appropriate action for cost-effective results. 

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