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02 Sep

Strategies for Link Building – DIGI Eleven

Boost your Website with Link Building

Back Links

Link building is a prominent part of search engine optimization. Getting relevant hyperlinks from other sites or pages to your website is known as Link Building. It is one way to engage readers on your site and a long-term business strategy. Also, it gives a chance to the readers to navigate from one page to another, indicating them about the related content on the hyperlinked pages.

Link building is something that can be easily accomplished through hard work, creativity, and determination. Though, getting quality links don’t look easy because it is time-consuming and requires a strong strategy. However, it can be fun if you know how to do it correctly. The only link building strategy that works for everyone is to create something link-worthy which is informational, inspirational, educational as well as entertaining. More backlinks of a site will determine how authoritative the site is, these are important for search engines as well as for end-users.

Getting Dofollow links is also one of the major aspects of an SEO strategy because it improves your page rank and boosts link juice which makes your site rank high in SERP. Also, such links are #1 signal that Google considers for ranking a page on SERP, it not only helps you gain popularity but generates more referral traffic to your site. And therefore it becomes essential to have quality backlinks to increase your business and website growth. Sharing a few effective link-building strategies here:

Quality Links

1.     Anchor Tag – These are clickable text hyperlinks, usually blue in color (not always) and attach to specific keywords or phrases that mirror the page that is being linked to. It is done to bring readers to another connected page, however, it also helps to spread link equity around websites. These can be internal as well as external, when links go from one page of a domain to another page of the same domain is internal and when it is placed on another site that is external.

2.     Competitor Backlink Analysis – Make a list of your competitors and keep a check on their link building strategy through various online analysis tools like MOZ, Ahrefs, SEMrush or Quick sprout. Outsmart your Competition, observe and understand their strategies and apply the relevant one to acquire the links for your site.

3.     Online Forums – It is the oldest link building strategy. An online forum is a great place to discuss and share knowledge. There are a large number of online forums that allow us to score valuable authoritative backlinks. Reddit, Quora, India-Forums, Medium, and yahoo Groups are quite common and highly popular these days. One can build links, reputation, and authority by providing relevant and helpful answers to the audience. This not only drives the targeted traffic to your site but also establish relationships with influencers in your industry.

4.     Social Media – Include links in your social media profiles, blogs, and post on various channels, though most of the time it will be a no-follow link which will not help your site to gain any credibility or ranking in search engines. However, it will get you engagement and interaction with the targeted audience, such links can be worthy of your business, product, brand or service. One can join various communities, groups, and hashtags on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and get more quality readers. This will end up getting more sales and relevant traffic to your website.

5.     Guest Blogging – When it comes to link building and improving the website’s domain authority, guest blogging is a long-term and organic best practice. It starts with content strategy, publishing useful content with links on relevant high-quality websites will significantly boost your online visibility, authority, brand awareness, ranking, and traffic. It is true that such an organic way of link building takes time and efforts, however, it pays off after a period of time.

6.     Social Bookmarking – It helps you to acquire quality backlinks from authority sites which eventually improves your site’s domain authority, traffic, and ranking. Free tools like Open Site Explorer or Website Authority Checker can be used to check the domain authority of the sites, thereby helps you in your link building effort. Some of the best free social bookmarking sites are SEO Khazana, Slashdot, StumbleUpon, and Pinterest.


As we know now, links are significant signals that the search engine uses to determine the ranking and credibility of a site. Google sees links as votes, the more vote you get more popular you are. This means more high-quality links will automatically improve the chances of your website to rank better. However, it not only helps with ranking, but it also builds a relationship, sends referral traffic as well as helps in brand building and awareness of your business online.

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