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02 May

How to Increase Traffic on Website organically – DIGI Eleven

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What is Organic Traffic?

The main purpose of online marketing is to improve the organic traffic of the website and generate leads and sales, this can be done through planning various online strategies using social media, content marketing, email marketing, blogs, advertisements, SEO or link-building. Organic traffic is  the direct traffic which means, visitors who land on your page or site without any paid methods and reach you using search engines like Google or Bing directly are considered as organic traffic. Basically, they are not referred by any other sites. 


5 Ways to Increase Traffic on Website Organically


It is natural for every business owner or marketer to expect more audience, more traffic, and more quality leads timely. Advertising is one way of driving website traffic and building your audience. However, one should observe, evaluate and boost customer experience, over and over again, to retain the right audience and primary leads for better revenue.

With great content, we can attract the right audience. Though, the challenge is how to make people visit your website and blogs organically, without spending much on paid advertisement.

A couple of tricks and tips are mentioned below on how to get traffic to your website organically:


Online Forums

An online forum is a great place to discuss and share knowledge on any particular topic. These are valuable platforms to generate traffic and expand your audience. Reddit, Quora, India-Forums and yahoo Groups are quite common and highly popular these days.

Promote your business on such forums as these are the platforms where people look for resourceful information about a certain industry. One can build a reputation and authority by providing relevant and helpful answers to the audience. These platforms play a very important role in Online Reputation Management, Link-building, and Advertising as they allow members to link their website.


Get Active on Social Media

Social Media is a great source of getting traffic to your website. Try to share the relevant post, infographics, videos, and meaningful content on social media channels as often as possible. Run contests and campaigns to engage and interact with the audience directly.

Build a presence on relevant platforms. This will help you get your name out and website address on the internet. Don’t forget to add your website link to your online posters, videos, infographics, etc. This will expand your reach, increase brand awareness and get the right audience to your business.


SEO Content Strategy 

SEO is a long-term unpaid planning tool. It will help you get significant organic traffic and increase your sales and conversion rate eventually.

If you target the right keywords and optimize your content in the best way, it will make you appear on the first page of various search engines organically. With Google Keyword Planner  search the right keywords and phrases related to your products and services. Focus more on Long-Tail & LSI keywords (which are usually longer and very specific to your products and services), as they are specific, they have a high conversion value and will help you get quality leads to your website.



Another way to get traffic and generate quality leads is by optimizing your blogs in the best ways. Share knowledgeable and high-quality content blogs about your products/services on your website, social media channels, and other blogging sites. It will help you build an engagement with your customers. After a certain period of time, the audience will come to you for advice, queries or recommendations as they look for reliable and authentic information. This way, you can build credibility and trust in your audience.

Social media channels have become the prime generator of getting traffic to the website. Sharing blogs will improve your ranking as well as help search engines to determine the relevance of your web pages. More customer engagement with shares, likes, and comments on various sites will increase your visibility and generate extra traffic to your site. It will also ensure that your next marketing campaign will get you more success.


Email Marketing

Most of the time people ignore the massive impact of Email Marketing because it does not directly impact search engines. However, email marketing still ranks as the number one method of sharing content online because it is affordable, faster and cost-effective.

It is one of the oldest tools for online marketing, which has a very large reach and is significantly cheaper. A friendly and effective email reminder regarding new services, products, updates, offers, testimonials, and stories can be shared weekly or twice a week with customers and clients. This will help you stay in the mind of your users and it will make them feel they are always connected to your brand.


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