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01 Jun

Google Ranking Factors – DIGI Eleven

Few Factors/ Suggestions to Rank your Website on Google

SEO with Relevant Content

It is not wrong to say, that a well-optimized site gets more and more traffic with time. There’s no substitute for high-quality content. Using great content with the right keywords which has a higher ranking and lower competition, will always be an added advantage for the website. One should try using more long-tail and LSI keywords in Title and Description Tags.

Such factors will help you attract the right audience and organically increase traffic which will automatically improve your site’s authority. With this, make use of Heading Tags and Anchor Tags (especially H1 and H2) to highlight the main keywords in your content.

Always use original and fresh content.

Page Loading Speed

Page speed refers to the performance of the page on mobile and desktop devices. It is again a very important factor to rank on Google, Bing and other search engines. One should analyze and optimize website speed and page size correctly, to make it rank better. It is basically, to improve the users’ experience, with fast loading web pages. Many a time, images and videos occupy a significant amount of visual space and may result in increased load time. But it can certainly be worked out, through various plugins and optimal settings. SMUSH and LAZY LOADING are few tools to optimize website speed for images and graphics.

Image Optimization

Always use Alt tags, title, description, and captions to describe your images and videos, this will help search engines to identify what is the image all about. Also, it will help Google to locate your page as images send search engines important relevancy signals, which boost your website in SEO. Same images can be shared on social media to amplify your website signals. So, fill in as much information you can for the best optimization of Images, Videos, and Graphics.

Secure Website

Website URL has a lot to do with SEO and other search factors. Google has confirmed an SSL certificate as a Ranking Signal.

HTTPS shows that the site is safe, secure and accessible. It increases users trust level. As many users share their sensitive information on the web, therefore they prefer using SSL certified websites. especially, with the one which has payment gateways and e-commerce conversations. Secure website help users to make online payments without any hesitation or any mental hitch.

Quality Backlinks

The web is built on links, so it is technically correct to say that backlinks play a very crucial role in website success. We have three kinds of backlink: Inbound Link, Internal Link, and Outbound Links.

Basically, when one site links to another, the link to an external website is called Backlink. Increased number of quality backlinks is like an icing on the cake. It will help you with better ranking and visibility on Google and other search engines.

Internal links are hyperlinks which help users with navigation and also spread link equity around websites. These links go from one page of a domain to another page of the same domain. It is done by highlighting a keyword in Anchor Text, which page source is trying to target.

Quality Links

Schema Markup

Schema Markup is again for users, it helps them to figure out, what the website is all about. Also, it helps domain with ranking and gives it more accuracy and transparency in search engine result pages. In other words, we can say it is more like your Virtual Business card, which highlights your key focus areas and verticals. Through this, you can highlight your events, reviews, ratings, products, etc. and help users to recognize your work.

Schema Markup
Schema Markup Example

Social Media/ Social Signals

Social Media will always have a deep connection and positive impact on your website, business, online traffic, products, sales, leads, conversion, ranking, etc. It helps you improve your online visibility, ranking, brand recognition as well as in local SEO by driving organic traffic to your website.

Social signals refer to likes, shares, comments, reviews, ratings, and link sharing on social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, etc. When people share your content and links on other social networks that’s another sign of knowing it is valuable. Positive reviews, comments, ratings, improves your credibility and helps you in brand recognition with top brands.

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