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21 Jun

Optimize your Google AdWords: Three Important Factors – DIGI Eleven

Google Adwords DIGI Eleven

Google AdWords

Every online advertising platform has its own set of users, bidding process and data. One of the smartest digital marketing strategies is running multichannel campaigns on the platforms where your target audience is most likely to find you.

Google Adwords is the largest search engine worldwide and a heavily keyword-based tool. It is the biggest and most widely used online advertising platform which has helped millions of people to grow their business. However, it can be the best advertising platform or a worthless marketing budget if not strategized correctly. This completely depends on the business, Ad optimization and how people set up their online campaign. This platform works exceptionally well if you have a niche product or service to offer.

Google AdWords makes your customer come to you, by searching a specific keyword that you’ve bid on. When they are already searching for a solution to a problem, you will show up at the top of the page. However, such online campaigns do require continuous efforts and investment as every Click and Impression is paid for. It is always advisable to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your campaign before you start it online.

We know Google is an excellent tool to generate rapid results and high-quality leads, even with a small daily budget you can ensure that the right people will look at your products and can become a potential lead for your Business.

But the point is, how to get right clicks, impressions, and optimization of the Ad in the best possible way?

All it takes is a little planning, preparation, and practice. Sharing a few important factors below for the same.

Keyword Strategy

Search ads are set-up with headline, text and a link. As we already know Google is a heavily keyword-based tool, thus, you set your budget for particular keywords and phrases that you know your potential customers will find you with. Though one has to regularly look for new keywords to add to the Ad groups because the right keywords drive better quality traffic and leads to your landing page. It is one of the strongest selling points to target consumers who are searching for your products.

However, make sure to phrase the keywords with the right targeting strategy, using all types of keyword targeting – Exact Match, Phrase Match, Broad Match. Try to keep more focus on dynamic keywords and long-tail keywords, as this will give better results in search ads. Also, Google AdWords will keep on updating us with new potential keywords through search terms and keyword planner. It is the most significant way to boost your ad campaign because it gives you more insights and improves your performance with less efforts.

Once the Ad is live, constant adjustments with keywords are required, one is supposed to keep a track on keywords that are converting well and remove underperforming keywords, and accordingly adjust bid and budget.

In addition to this, we should not forget to use Negative Keywords. Negative keywords are the keywords related to the campaign but in a negative way. For example – if we have a landing page on health and diet, our negative keywords can be Junk Food, Prepacked Food, Candy, etc. This qualifies the ad and ensures not to show it to irrelevant users.

Landing Page

A landing page is vitally important and another major factor for lead conversion. It is a single focus purpose web page on which a customer can land on after clicking your ad. We can say, it is the next step for a viewer becoming customer, which will lead them to a specific product, service or offer and encourage them to take action.

A Landing page should focus more on Ad text as well as it should be free of distractions, one should avoid adding excessive navigation links, pop-ups, and messages that are specifically designed for an advertising campaign.

Focus on relevant Keywords especially, in the headlines.

Convey your business USP (unique selling proposition) or the reasons why one should choose your brand over competitors.

Feature a compelling CTA (Call-to-Action) button and a contact form. Offers like, free shipping, complimentary consultation or a free E-book can be given for signing up a form.

Including Social sharing buttons and videos would be added advantage for your Landing Page.

One can add client testimonials too. As customer reviews hold the same importance as personnel recommendation, this helps in building immediate trust in the brand, which improves the CTR (Click-through rate) and SEO of the web page.

Modify Bid Strategy as per your Goals

Google AdWords offers various bid strategies as per our campaign goals and needs, depends if we want to focus on getting clicks, views, impression or conversion, and accordingly, we can determine which strategy is best for us.

Bid Strategy

If you have a new Google AdWords account, it is always advisable to use Manual CPC. Semi-Automatic and Automatic bid strategy would not give the best results on new accounts. After using AdWords account for at least two months you can opt for Semi-Automatic bid strategy and after three-months Automatic bid strategy can be used to run Ads.

It is important to adjust your bidding settings carefully, as it will have a direct impact on your ad budget. On live Ads keep modifying your bid by looking at the conversion patterns. Increase or decrease your bid depending on the results. For example – if more conversion is coming from Mobile devices than one should devote more budget to Mobile if we are getting more customers on a specific time than we should increase the bid on those specific hours, there are dozens of other parameters to this. It is basically, a way to ensure that your ad budget is being spent wisely.

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