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29 May

Best Free SEO Tools – DIGI Eleven

Best Free SEO Tools & Techniques to Improve

Website Performance


SEO is an extremely imperative tool for Online Business, which works as a backbone for any Website. This is probably the first tool that will come to your mind for brand promotions and visibility. It is a long-term planning tool which is free but a little time-consuming.


When we talk about SEO, keyword plays a very important role. Keywords need to be relevant to your business which can be targeted in the content by putting them in header, tags, title, meta, and copy. This will organically improve your search engine ranking, reputation, visibility, and traffic of the website.


If you are a local business, location-based keywords will be your necessity. Make sure your Google My Business is up to date. Keep a check on your Google Analytics and Google Search Console as these are the must-have tools for your business. These will not only give clarity on your ranking and traffic, but it also helps us with keyword suggestions, building backlinks, website performance, and conversions. 


SEO has two branches – On-page SEO and Off-page SEO

Both are equally important to run a successful SEO Campaign.

On-page SEO refers to the steps taken directly within your website to improve its position and ranking on various search engines. This can be done with high-quality content, meta-tags, keyword optimization, internal website links, and by improvising long-tail/ LSI keywords in the content.

Whereas, Off-page SEO refers to all the activities that happen away from your website like building links through guest posting, social media and emails, submitting your articles to high-quality and relevant directories, maintaining online presence on various forums, this helps a website gets the number of quality backlinks, visibility through other sites and higher ranking in search engine result page. Social bookmarking is another way to drive traffic to your website and promote your content.


We have many simple free SEO tools available in the market, which will instantly improve your status and help you perform better, few of them are mentioned below:


  • – This will help you with long tail keyword research

  • – Best SEO Webmaster Tool 

  • Varvy – SEO tool and optimization guide

  • Seoptimer – SEO Audit, a tool to analyze and grade your website

  • Seo Site Checkup – Audit your website for on-page and technical SEO Issues

  • Google Analytics – Check your visitors and their interactions on your website

  • GT Matrix – Website speed and performance optimization

  • Google Search Console – Measure your site search traffic and performance, also fix issues

  • MOZ Link Explorer – Best free tool for link building and analysis, keyword research, webpage performance, local listing audits, and more 

  • Google Keyword Planner Ahrefs SEO toolbar – Grow your search traffic

  • SERP Simulator – Audit your website for on-page and technical SEO issues

  • SimilarWeb – Digital Marketing intelligence platform. Compare your website traffic statistics and analytics with other websites

  • SEOWorkers Analysis Tool – Measure the ranking potential of your web pages

  • Woorank – Find issues, track keywords, identify opportunities & create reports

  • Neil Patel SEO Analyzer – It will point out all SEO errors you need to fix

  • Yoast SEO – Suggestions for search engine optimizing your blog post

  • LinkMiner – Instantly find broken links on any web page

  • Copyscape – Check for Duplicate content

  • Browseo – See your website the way a search engine sees it

  • – Get intel on your competition

  • Seed Keywords – Help you find more valuable Keywords

  • SEMRush – Copy your competitor’s best keywords


Above mentioned tools and sites will eventually help you perform better, gain more organic traffic, better ranking, exposure as well as improved Domain Authority to determine the strength of your Website.

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