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29 May

Expectation Vs Reality | Digital Marketing – DIGI Eleven

Expectation Vs Reality – Digital Marketing

We all will agree with the statement “Digital Marketing has transformed the whole advertising structure and business chain”. As marketing is the key to every business success, online marketing gives endless opportunities for every business owner to showcase their product/services. Therefore, it becomes important to understand the tools, and techniques of online marketing to run a successful campaign.

Well, it doesn’t matter if you are a small business owner, a multinational company or an individual, you would prefer online marketing over traditional marketing as a primary source of promotion for your products/ services because it is relatively cheaper, faster and give you better outcomes.

The concept of Online Marketing is dynamic and is constantly changing with the latest techniques.  As we see many brands growing tremendously online and therefore we also set our mind with huge expectations, thinking that a small investment can give immense results in a lesser period of time.

We know for every business owner, the expectations are normally higher when setting up a new online campaign. Because on paper, digital marketing theories and strategies always look easy, fruitful and appealing to get the desired result. However, what is not mentioned in those theories and articles, is that if it is not been strategized and executed properly in a right way, it can give opposite or ineffective results to your business.

Sharing below a couple of thoughts on expectations and reality of Digital Marketing:

More Web-Traffic means More Conversion

It’s a primary mistake made by many companies, to focus exclusively on the number of visitors rather than right visitors. It is always good to see the growing traffic on your website. Whereas, if the visitors are not converting into customers it will automatically leads you to zero closed deals and no conversions. Traffic is an important element to generate leads and grow your revenue but it has to be relevant traffic. Our approach to reach out more audience has to be appropriate and more target-oriented.

Quick Returns

There are no shortcut and tricks, people usually expect to get quick returns through ads, social media, and online promotional campaigns. However, we forget that in case a brand is new to the market and already have higher competition then it will take time for them to build trust and brand identity among customers and consumers. Just having an online presence is not enough for every business owner, it requires constant presence, engagement, a substantial amount of money, time and a lot of hard work.

Maintaining Positive Brand Image Online

Customer reviews hold the same importance as personal recommendation. Maintaining a positive brand image is not easy for all brands. A single negative online review may result in loss of leads.

A very common practice which every user follows now is doing enough online research before buying a product. We always try to go through reviews and ratings first, to check the overall quality, stability and service of the brand. As a user, we do various research on different products and see what product or brand is actually meeting our needs. Due to which, most of the time, negative reviews and rating, shared by consumers or competitors destroy the brand image, which directly affects the mind of the customer and they tend to switch over to other brands.


These are a few examples, to understand that digital marketing is not ineffective but just having an online presence for a business is not enough sometimes. The most challenging part is to maintain a positive image, continuous online presence and active customer engagements.

It is true that digital marketing will improve your visibility and sales, however, it will not suddenly going to change the overall picture and position of your brand.

If you want to get most out of Digital Marketing Campaigns than start it with correct platforms,  strategies and execution process.

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