Digital Marketing


Search Engine Optimization


SEO works as a backbone tool for any Business. It requires skills and experience to get quality results with SEO. It targets certain Keywords and optimizes your online content, which organically improves traffic and ranking of your website and makes you reach a higher position in any Search Engine.

It is cost-effective and gives you long-lasting results. It continuously acquires new customers for your business, this eventually increases your reach organically which helps you in brand awareness and generate quality leads for your Business.


Social Media Optimization


Social Media Optimization is another important tool for Internet Marketing. This improves visibility of the brand and its products, on various Social Media platforms and channels. Also, it will increase awareness about products/ services through campaigns, blogs, creatives, infographics, and video sharing to engage potential customers which helps generate a higher volume of website traffic, and ultimately get sales of your products to grow your business.

Email Marketing


Email is an electronic version of direct mail which is easy and cheap. It is one of the oldest tool of online marketing, used to grow your business. Affordable and cost-effective with a larger reach, cheaper, faster and convenient than traditional mail system. A high volume of emails with strategic content can be shared with the targeted audience in the easiest way to promote Brand Awareness and Generate Leads. It is one of the few marketing techniques which can get started before the launch of the actual product.

When it comes to building up Business with good conversion rate, email is the most powerful channel. Ignoring this tool means missing on your right customers.

Google Adwords DIGI Eleven

PPC Services –



Pay-per-click or Cost-per-click is one of the best digital marketing strategies to get instant results. One can improve ROI with Google AdWords , Social Media and Display Ads. It helps you get more exposure and sales in a very less period of time.

Internet Advertising Model includes paid Social Media and Search Engine Ads, derives Right Traffic and generate Quality Leads for your business. To optimize search engine marketing effectively, one is required to create a high-quality Landing Page, with right keywords and a clear CTA (call-to-action) button. Anyone can start with Google Advertisements using a small budget and can stop it at any time they wish.

Content Marketing


Content Marketing is the fuel for all the core digital marketing activities to engage and generate leads. High-quality and relevant content is a long-term strategy which helps in building a strong relationship with target audience online and makes you understand their products and services in a better way.

It is a cheaper and effective strategy for any business which generates three times more leads than paid search. This eventually builds trust and authority to your brand.

Lead Generation Marketing


Generating Leads is the most important aspect of any Business.

Today, it is important for every business to make its Digital presence in the market as buyers do their own online research on various search engines and social media channels before actually buying the product.

Lead Generation is the heart and soul of any business and online marketing has end number of ways to generate Potential Leads through Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, PPC, SEO, etc.

Landing Page


A Landing Page is a standalone product-specific web page which is used for paid search campaigns, banner ads, link in emails or print advertising. The main purpose of a landing page is to convince the visitor for becoming a customer and encourage them to take action.

There are three main categories of Landing Page: Standalone landing page, Microsites, and Internal website landing page.

Social Media


Conversion Rate Optimization


Observe, evaluate and boost your customer experience. Over and Over again.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the systematic process of increasing the percentage of website visitors who take the desired action — be that filling out a form, becoming customers, or otherwise. The CRO process involves understanding how users move through your site, what actions they take, and what’s stopping them from completing your goals.

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing is a timeless method which will boost your income.

It is commission-based online marketing where you can earn some extra money by just sharing, recommending or promoting links of other people’s product on your social media channels, blog, YouTube videos, website or on any other online platform. And when someone buys the product, based on your recommendation, you earn a commission on that sale. Today, it has become one of the most remunerative ways to make money online.

Video Marketing


Sell your products and services through Video Marketing on any social media platform or channel. Sharing videos always add value to your business and are one way to build brand trust in your customers with an emotional connection. It is a versatile tool which not just improves your brand awareness but is also capable of transforming the Business market by improving conversion rate.



Remarketing is a very powerful tool to increase sales, conversion and brand profile. It is a smart way to connect with your website visitors/audience who have not made any purchase or inquiry. You can strategically position your ads in front of these audiences and retarget them on Google and other Social Media Channels. This will help you in brand awareness as well as remind your audience to make a purchase.