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31 Jul

Is your Business eating up your Money? – DIGI Eleven

Buildup Struggling Business

Build Up your Struggling Business

To build up a successful business is a marathon, not a sprint, and the only way it will survive is by generating a consistent profit. Many businesses face challenges maintaining a positive net worth. This can be very annoying because it can eat up your income without even you realizing it. Therefore, it is important to identify quickly why your business is not making enough money.

Ultimately, every business needs some kind of cost-effective marketing strategy in order to attract customers and generate revenue, so it may be a time for you to look to the INTERNET.

Today, the internet is a place where your customers are, if you do not have any online presence, you must be missing out on a lot of customers. The Internet has become a part of our lifestyle; it is definitely on the rise. It is extremely important for all the businesses to maintain a strong digital presence because it highly influences your consumers for making their purchase decision.

Online presence explores one’s business identity in the online world. It is cheaper than old traditional marketing methods like print ads, billboards, pamphlets, radio/ tv ads, etc. It is not wrong to say, Internet marketing has a higher ROI than traditional marketing methods. Here we are talking about a few online ways to expand your reach, engage the audience and generate quality leads for your struggling business.

Here we are talking about a few cost-effective online ways to expand your reach, engage the audience and generate quality leads for your struggling business.

Maximize your Reach with 5 steps

Get a Website

Creating a website for a business should be on priority. It is one way to advertise your business and tell customers about your organization, products, and services. A website can be a gateway to promote your products on various online platforms. In reality, a website can benefit you in many different ways:

As people are more approachable on the internet, a website gives them quick access to various information. Potential customers explore businesses online before they actually decide to buy any product. Such customers will definitely check your website for online presence, social media, offers, deals, customer reviews, product overviews, contact information, locations, etc.

Adding business blogs to your website can be more valuable. Offer blogs with helpful and convenient tips related to your business, this will end up getting you more quality clients. Moreover, by updating website content regularly through blogs, post, creatives, infographics, videos, one can engage customers and build trust with the members of their target groups.

In addition to this, by maintaining a positive relationship with your existing clients, one can highlight glowing reviews to attract new customers.

Active Social Media Channels

Social media is one sector which is growing rapidly and has a very wide reach Globally. It is another way to get your brand on the radar of potential customers.

Some well-known free social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Such platforms are a great place for people to talk about products/services. One can engage existing customers by asking them to post pictures with the company’s product on social media as well as welcome them for more questions, reviews, comments, and concerns. Customers appreciate such businesses who provide a timely response. This helps them build a positive relationship with your brand.

Furthermore, one can set a schedule to regularly engage with the followers by using various online tools like Hootsuite, SEMrush or Buffer. Having regular interaction with customers and followers is an important marketing strategy for businesses to increase sales. With a very large reach, social media helps you maximize the returns, grow your business, build brand awareness and derive the right traffic in less span of time. This is one reason why even small business owners started opting for digital marketing rather than old traditional marketing nowadays.

Online Advertisements

Increasing sales and revenue is the top goal of Advertisements. It helps you improve your visibility within your industry and let you take charge to find new potential customers for your business. Google AdWords, social media advertisements, display ads and retargeting are the most popular online advertising channels, make you reach consumers efficiently and affordably.

The main goal of online advertising is to derive the right traffic to your web-pages, improve brand recognition, immediate online sales, boost content marketing, increase social following and highlight your latest products.

Advertisements help you connect with prospective clients who are already interested in your product/services or we can say it is the most cost-effective strategy to target people who already have the purchase intent for your products. Businesses that don’t invest in online advertising miss out on the majority of customers and consumers. Performing it accurately can bring the best revenues to your business.

Target Right Audience

Before finalizing a particular type of channel or media for online marketing, one should do enough research on their potential customers. Identifying the target audience is the necessity of every business. Find out, if your target audience is local, regional, national or international. Basically, you are required to find out the answer for – where, why, How, who, How many. One can consider age, gender, lifestyle, location, income groups, education, occupation, interest to make sure you are reaching out to the right audience.

The process is little tangible; however, target audience data is an important part of a business plan and creating such data at the initial stage will help your business in the long run.

It is one of the most affordable, efficient, and effective ways to reach out to the potential audience and generate business.

Competitor Analysis

Analyzing and evaluating your competitors plays a very important role in projecting your business strategies. Again, it is another critical part of your marketing plan which involves strategic research that specializes in the collection of various information about rival firms.

Competitor analysis is basically a tactic to find out what your competitors are doing and to determine the strengths, weaknesses, threats, challenges they are facing within the market. The process usually involves analyzing the process of distribution, advertising, products, pricing and promotion strategies.

Initially, one can identify the top 10 competitors within their industry and start with analyzing and comparing their content, social media and SEO structure – keywords, images, tags, backlinks. This will help you identify the areas for improvement in regards to your content creation, SEO, SMO, blogs, strategies, etc.


Business owners are not required to invest so much money with online marketing. Things like social media interactions, online forums, posts, website content cost nothing.

Though online platforms do require your constant presence, efforts and positive reviews, this makes easier for potential customers to reach out to you hassle-free. Implementing solid and perfect marketing strategies with the right plan of action will definitely boost your revenues and give rise to your Business.

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